CubeliteII integrated with a six-axis men’s sensor (Accelerometer and Gyroscope) which allow the light to detect if the bike is slowing down. The additional Gyroscope allow better response on bike angle change and therefore ensure more accurate braking detection. The upgraded 32-bit ARM processor ensure quicker response to braking.


The CubeliteII is able detect the ambient light intensity and automatically switching between the day running light and night light mode.   


The CubeliteII also inherit the base feature from Xlite100 - Auto-stop: Auto switch off if no motion is detected for 10s.



Key feature(Preliminary):

l Ingratiated brake sensing techniques


l 6061 Aluminium alloy chassis

l Automatically start/stop.

l Automatically switch between Day running mode/night mode light.

l Seat rail/Seatpost mouning

l Three flash modes

l 30+hrs run time 

l 400mAh Li-ion re-chargeable battery

l USB charging(Micro USB)

l Low battery, Operation mode and charge stage indicate.

l Compact design: 36mmx29mmx19mm

l Light weight design:30.5g(saddle fit)/35g (Seatpost mount)

l IPx5 Water proof

l Auto/Manual mode switch*

Note: *Manual mode need to switch on/off the light manually. 

Enfitnix Cubelite 2

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